We Deliver Enduring Results

Welcome to AJ Total Logistics and Construction Limited (AJTLCL), where reliability, efficiency, and satisfaction converge.

Your experience with us is crafted to be dependable and efficient, with customer satisfaction at the forefront.

At AJTLCL, our name is a testament to our commitment—we specialize in Logistics and Shipping, as well as the construction of diverse projects, spanning social, commercial, residential, and industrial domains.


What We Offer

We provide a comprehensive suite of services at AJTLCL, encompassing Logistics, Construction, Civil Works, and Engineering.

Our offerings are designed for dependability and efficiency, ensuring successful project outcomes.

With a focus on customer satisfaction, we deliver tailored solutions that meet and exceed expectations.


Our construction services provide high-quality workmanship, attention to detail, and reliable project management to ensure timely completion.

Civil Works

Managing change effectively is a source of competitive advantage, yet few organizations do it well.


Our engineering service provides comprehensive solutions for design, development, testing, and implementation of complex systems and structures.


Why Choose Us ?

We work with change-oriented executives to help them make better decisions, convert those decisions to actions.

Experienced team of construction and logistics professionals

Specializes in residential, commercial and industrial building projects

Ability to undertake large-scale infrastructural projects such as roads and bridges

We pride ourselves on being a steadfast partner, ensuring your projects and logistics needs are handled with the utmost dependability.

Whether it's Logistics and Shipping or the construction of social, commercial, residential, and industrial projects, our comprehensive skill set ensures success in every venture.


Meet Our Leadership Team

We work with change-oriented executives to help them make better decisions, convert those decisions to actions.

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Mohammed A. Jeleel

Chairman & Co-Founder
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Gaffaru A. Abubakar

Chairman & Co-Founder


What People Say About Us

AJTLCL Team has been a pleasure to work with, the construction was well planned, organized and scheduled. No surprises!

Anna Briggs CEO, Smart Gold Ltd

After the stress of outsourcing complicated registration and transfer process from a third party company , we found AJTLCL and the control was finally back to us.

Isaac Arthur Manager, Chandas Motors