Safety And Compliance Policy

Our pledge

We pledge to fully cooperate and commit to the SHEQ Safety Policy to ensure the wellbeing of our employees.

Our commitment 

We commit to taking reasonable care to protect our own health and safety, as well as that of others.

We will use personal protective equipment correctly and report any risk promptly. We will also cooperate with others to ensure compliance with health and safety duties and responsibilities, and concentrate on maintaining positive mental health.

quality & Control

AJ Total Logistics and Construction Limited operates primarily in Ghana and supports increasing black participation in all levels of the economy. We empower black women, youth, and the disabled with a broad-based plan for business and employment equity.

Employee Responsibility

All employees are expected to comply with relevant legislation, instructions, rules, and procedures in the interest of health and safety. We believe in mutual responsibility for the safety of everyone, including proper use of equipment and machinery to minimize risk.

Quality Assurance and Control Policy

We use our company policies to manage and deliver best project performance for client satisfaction. Quality assurance ensures standards for best project performance and client satisfaction.

Business Partners and Associates

Our professional accountant is responsible for bookkeeping and financial stability, while we employ the best engineers, safety officers, architects, artisans, plant operators, quantity surveyors, and quality controllers for project management and delivery.


Construction Compliance

We have a large team of builders, tillers, painters, carpenters, bricklayers, and staff for any construction project, ensuring compliance with all relevant regulations.

Engineering Compliance

Our professional staff ensures compliance with various mining organizations and related structures, planning, conducting, and frequently inspecting projects.

Mining Compliance

Regardless of project size and workload, we ensure full compliance with various mining organizations and related structures.